RA-LIN Superintendent Goes Back to Safety School During Transition Time


Richard Skinner is a RA-LIN superintendent who just finished an industrial building project for one of the company’s clients in Nevada. During his transition to a new assignment, Richard and RA-LIN’s Safety Director, Marty Leak, attended a course at Georgia Tech’s Professional Education OSHA Training Institute. The class visited an active manufacturing facility to familiarize the group with a variety of commonly used machinery, relevant safety standards, and machine guarding methods and to learn the hazards associated with various machinery as well as how to control hazardous energy sources.

Many of the lessons learned from general industry safety procedures transfer theoretically and literally to the use of tools in the construction industry. Periodically, workers on RA-LIN sites use potentially dangerous tools. In addition, the course covered electrical arc flash training, lock-out tag-out and trenching and excavation. Attending this course is a valuable educational opportunity for RA-LIN field leadership to learn of potential hazards on construction projects. What they learn benefits our customers, subcontractors and suppliers on RA-LIN jobs by helping them identify and mitigate potential hazards during design and construction therefore protecting RA-LIN employees, sub-contractors and customers or end-users. After the manufacturing plant tour Skinner was chosen to summarize the group’s findings for the class.


ga tech safety training

RA-LIN Superintendent Richard Skinner, at the podium in a Georgia Tech classroom, is applauded for his presentation of the safety lessons learned during a manufacturing facility tour in Newnan, Georgia earlier in the day.