RA-LIN Safety Program Saves Life On The Job


C.L. Braddy shares his experience.

C.L. Braddy is the owner of a heating and cooling company providing subcontractor services on a jobsite in Huntsville, AL. He noticed frantic activity on the jobsite by other workers rushing to help a painter who suffered a head bump and had collapsed after sitting down on a paint bucket.

When Braddy, a 64-year-old United States Marine and Vietnam veteran, went to assist, he realized that the injured painter was not breathing. Emergency medical services were on the way, but he felt there was no time to waste and began to administer CPR immediately.

When the EMS personnel arrived, they determined that Braddy had been administering CPR for a full 13 minutes since the 911 call. The EMS experts decided that since CPR was started so quickly and maintained for so long, the patient might still have a chance to survive.

The first defibrillation attempt failed. An injection to the patient’s heart and one more defibrillation attempt resulted in no response. An additional injection to the heart and a final shock brought back a pulse after 17 minutes with no heartbeat. After observation in the hospital, reports are that the painter suffered a heart attack resulting from 80 percent blockages but is expected to survive. Braddy had saved the man’s life.

In the aftermath, Braddy’s family was proud of his courageous, selfless actions that day on the site, but they also were shocked that he knew exactly what to do and had the skills to successfully provide CPR to the painter.

Braddy explained that he has worked on jobs with RA-LIN and that they require all subcontractors to have at least one crewmember on site who has been recently trained in First Aid and CPR. Braddy had been trained to respond because of this RA-LIN safety requirement. Braddy discussed the irony of how much he grumbled and complained about having to take a CPR/First Aid Class to meet RA-LIN’s requirement but this incident has changed his mind. He has already notified all of his employees, including his receptionist, that they will attend this training from this point forward.

Braddy’s daughter, Jade Whitehead, notified RA-LIN’s corporate safety director, Marty Leak, of the event, thanked RA-LIN for such a requirement, and pointed out the ultimate impact of the company’s policy. June 25, 2015, was Braddy’s 65th birthday, and he commented that he couldn’t have asked for a better birthday present than being able to save someone’s life.

Great job C.L., and a very Happy Birthday!