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Professional Park Medical Services

Carrollton, GA

Size: 7,500 SF
Design Professional: Max Fulbright Designs

Professional Park Medical Services is a busy office for four physicians, two Certified Family Nurse Practitioners and thirteen other staff members. In order to better serve patients, the group felt that the office needed a complete renovation. Their concern was the time that completely changing the configuration of approximately 7,500 SF of complex medical office space would take away from their patients’ access to medical care.

RA-LIN Special Projects Group (SPG) provided an eight day solution. In that short time we accomplished the demolition of existing walls and construction of a of a new interior to improve flow through the seventeen exam rooms, labs and nurses stations at the nerve center of the practice. In addition we installed new floors, ceilings, and electrical, an upgraded fire suppression system, a new low voltage nurse call patient identification system, new plumbing, new cable televisions in all exam rooms and the patient waiting areas plus new carpeting and wallpaper of the doctors’ offices.

“We formed the Special Projects Group (SPG) to handle jobs exactly like this, stated Michael Dugan, General Manager of SPG at RA-LIN. We saw a market need for high-level, quality construction expertise for smaller projects of less than $1million in construction cost and this renovation fit well within that scope. This could never have happened without the detailed planning that went into the project with the designer, the owner and RA-LIN staff. There was great communication and we had the construction materials, furniture, fixtures and equipment all staged and ready to go once we were given access to the office. It only took us eight days from start to finish.”