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Greenway Corporate Headquarters

Carrollton, GA

Size:67,000 SF
Design Professional: Alex Roush Architects

Greenway Medical Technologies commissioned RA-LIN to design and build the company’s new corporate headquarters and employee resource buildings.

The project is the first facility in Carroll County, Georgia to be LEED® GOLD certified by the U.S. Green Building Council. The complex consists of a three-level structural steel corporate office building housing the company’s research and development staff, the sales and marketing operation, and corporate executive offices. Adjacent to the three story structure, a single-story employee resource center contains a full service bistro cafe and a health and fitness center. Both buildings are protected by an eco-friendly spray-on foam insulation that adheres to the structure and forms a tight thermal, moisture and air barrier, reducing energy usage and the amount of pollutants and allergens that enter the building. Energy usage is further curtailed by the installation of large windows and sensors which adjust the lights to necessary levels depending on natural light conditions. The buildings are designed to achieve a 40% reduction in normal water usage with low flow fixtures contributing to the LEED GOLD certification.

In addition, a decorative water feature anchors a mulch walking trail through the site’s green space. It is designed to capture 5,000 gallons of water from a ½” rain event for irrigation purposes. This pond filters water through sand and pipe mechanisms and improves the quality of storm water runoff. Both of these features were designed to blend into the campus landscape while providing an environmental benefit.

Both the corporate office building and the employee resource center have an attractive brick façade. Each incorporate areas where employees can both work and relax comfortably outside in good weather. RA-LIN self-performed the rough carpentry and concrete work on the project.