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Chestnut Log Middle School

Douglasville, GA

Size: 86,698 SF
Design Professional: Southern A&E

RA-LIN performed the bulk of this extensive renovation project while school was not in session for the summer, taking approximately eight weeks. Prior to the school year-end, RA-LIN was onsite at night performing various renovations, always restoring the work areas prior to student arrival the next morning in an effort to keep the project on track.

All 40 classrooms, including academic, art, science, band, chorus, and special education instruction areas of the 87,698 SF school required new ceilings, flooring, mechanical systems, electrical infrastructure, plumbing fixtures, painted surfaces, doors and windows. New telescopic bleachers, stage curtains, acoustical wall panels, and lighting were installed in the gymnasium. Cafeteria changes included six new exterior windows for day light, a new tile floor, and ceiling exposed to structure and painted black with suspended acoustical ceiling clouds. The job was a design/build with CM@Risk contract.

In addition, RA-LIN completely remodeled the 4000 SF kitchen, including the removal of existing interior walls and concrete slab, existing below grade utilities, and all above ceiling mechanical. Kitchen replacement work included new below slab plumbing, wall footings, concrete slab on grade, new UDS hood system, quarry tile floor, a walk in cooler and freezer, and new kitchen equipment/fixtures. RA-LIN also made changes to the wall layouts in the administrative offices, and increased the size of existing restrooms to meet Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements.

The project’s success was as a result of the upfront planning, pinpoint scheduling, project phasing, open communications, and participation that went on within the building team – the owner, architect, contractor, subcontractors and suppliers.

RA-LIN was able to return over $740,000 in contingency funds to the owner.