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Central High School of Clay County

Clay County, AL

Size: 180,000 SF
Design Professional: Goodwyn, Mills and Cawood

The new 180,000 square foot Central High School of Clay County campus site is laid out in quadrangle style fronted by a two story structure which houses classrooms for grades nine through twelve. A building on the left side of the quad houses the junior high academic spaces, and in the middle back is the cafeteria, band and agricultural building. A two story structure on right side houses both an auxiliary gym and a competition gym. Behind the quadrangle is a greenhouse, baseball and softball fields, a football field, concession stands and restrooms.

Unique to this school are the tornado shelters located in both the senior and junior high school buildings. Central High School is one of the first schools in the state of Alabama to be completed with shelters. The structure of the shelters includes solid filled, reinforced masonry walls, structural steel and concrete ceilings, steel doors and frames at perimeter entrances, and exterior windows which will be closed in the event of a tornado. The total combined capacity of the shelters is 1,745 people.

Central High School of Clay County was built in 20 months.

Listed “Outstanding Project of 2013” from Learning By Design Magazine.