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Calhoun High School & Middle School Replacement

Calhoun, GA

Size: 324,000 SF
Design Professional: Southern A&E

High School 170,500 SF
Middle School 78,600 SF
Gymnasium 73,000 SF
Mechanical Building 1,900 SF

This three-year plus multi-building project for the Calhoun City School District involved the construction of a new 170,000 SF, two-story, 62-classroom high school building. It has an attached cafeteria which seats 492 diners on a main floor and balcony, and a new 73,000 SF gymnasium as the initial phase. The classroom building is designed with a mechanical mezzanine that allows easy access to service and repair of all mechanical equipment without disrupting classes. The gymnasium features a stained wood floor and retractable seating for 1900, plus weight rooms, locker facilities, and a multi-purpose auxiliary gym space. There is also a culinary arts lab and a black box type theatre space. Once this phase was completed, the high school students moved in and middle school students moved to the existing high school building.

Phase two included a new 78,000 square foot two-story middle school building with 41 classrooms and administrative offices. The final phase included the demolition of the old high school building and the construction of a track and field facility. A huge challenge in this project was that the campus was fully occupied during the entire construction cycle. RA-LIN has extensive experience in the occupied campus environment, and maintains an excellent track record of safety for students, faculty, the visiting public, our employees, and subcontractors.

This was a Construction Management at Risk (CM@Risk) contract with approximately 60% of the subcontract work performed by local subcontractors and suppliers. RA-LIN partnered with Calhoun’s Fox & Brindle Construction Company to complete the structural steel, concrete work and metal roofing. RA-LIN self-performed the rough carpentry and masonry work.