Bids for New Gymnasium at Gaylesville School Came In Under Budget Using Construction Management Service



Representatives of the Cherokee County (Ala.) School System are breaking ground for a new addition to the Gaylesville School. Pictured left to right are Gaylesville School Principal Scott Hays; Cherokee County Schools Superintendent Mitchell Guice; and Board of Education Members: Mark Green, Lynn Rochester, Suzanne Bishop, Mark Gossett, and Brian Jennings.

Cherokee County School System Superintendent Mitchell Guice has hired RA-LIN, an Oxford, Ala. construction management firm, to serve as the construction manager for the new $2 million gymnasium at the Gaylesville School.

“RA-LIN has provided real-life perspective on actual construction costs based on our approved design,” Guice said. “With this perspective, we were able to make decisions on the best use of the funds we have available for the project and award a contract well below our available funds. This saved us time and money and will ultimately give us the kind of quality finished product our Gaylesville community deserves in the new gymnasium.”

RA-LIN’s construction management services are a result of the firm’s experience in school construction. More than 39 school systems have benefited from hiring RA-LIN as a construction manager. The firm has managed construction of more than 150 new schools, renovations, and additions across the Southeast.

“We are in good company,” Superintendent Guice commented. “Ninety percent of the school systems that have worked with RA-LIN as a construction manager have become repeat customers. Soon, the process RA-LIN offers today will be the standard for all public building construction in Alabama because it saves time and provides much more building for our money. Cherokee County is on the leading edge of this innovative new approach to cost control in school construction in Alabama.”