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Monthly Pay Application

The RA-LIN Subcontractor Monthly Application for Payment must be completed and returned – Invoices or other application forms will not be accepted. For further information, contact the Accounting Department. For further billing instructions, see articles 3, 4, & 5 of your subcontract agreement.


Insurance Requirements

Please provide your insurance agent with the attached requirements for Insurance Coverage for RA-LIN projects. Have your insurance agent forward your certificates to our office, Attention: Jill Colwell.


Items Required to Release Payment

Before a check will be released to the Subcontractor, these items must be received and verified by RA-LIN. This does not include Notice to Contractors or other items required by the Accounting Department.


E-Verify – Subcontractor

This form verifies that your company participates in the work authorization program operated by the US Dept of Homeland Security known as E-Verify. If your company has not already registered with the E-Verify program, you will need to sign up by visiting The form is required as part of Article 15 of the Subcontract Agreement.


E-Verify – Sub-Subcontractor

Any Subcontractor of RA-LIN who contracts out their work MUST notify the Project Manager in writing immediately. They also MUST have their subcontractor fill out the Sub-Subcontractor form and turn it into RA-LIN.


Davis Bacon

Form WH-347 has been made available for the convenience of Subcontractors required by their Federal or Federally-aided construction-type subcontracts to submit weekly payrolls.


Davis Bacon WH-347 Instructions PDF Form

Instructions for the Davis Bacon WH-347 form.


W-9 Form

The W-9 Taxpayer Form must be completed and returned to RA-LIN in order for any payments to be processed for the Subcontractor.