Self-Performed Work

Under several types of delivery contracts, we at RA-LIN may have the opportunity to provide some of the construction services that otherwise might be provided by subcontractors. Normally these are concrete, masonry and carpentry services. In CM@Risk projects we bid, just as subcontractors do on this work. We have an advantage in that we maintain a crew of skilled craftsmen and tradesmen who we know produce quality work, who we know are readily available when we need them and who we know can be competitive on a specific project. We still have to produce the winning cost proposal to be chosen but often we are able to be successful and save your clients money.

Our experience self-performing work gives us a competitive database of actual costs for these trades that can be an advantage when negotiating subcontractor prices. with firsthand knowledge of what it takes to complete these trades on all types of projects, we are able to more accurately schedule this work and monitor production and quality in ways that other general contractors are not equipped to do. And if problems arise, our staff can proactively suggest mid-course corrections.