Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is three-dimensional modeling used to minimize errors and increase building planning detail. It is a way to virtually ascertain if the plan for your building project will be successful and if the building process will likely run smoothly before any site work begins.

BIM creates a detailed digital representation of your building. Designers, our RA-LIN project people and owners can easily make work scheduling decisions, calculate lighting parameters, figure out site utilization issues and much more before breaking ground.

BIM proactively eliminates potential issues before they happen by building first on the computer well before actual construction begins. Project managers can visualize and schedule tasks before placing them on the calendar resulting in streamlined site utilization. The process can help determine natural lighting patterns and, when linked with green building software, can identify energy optimization possibilities and potential LEED points early in preconstruction. BIM is an exciting new tool that we can bring to the table when appropriate.