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Safety is not negotiable on a RA-LIN project, it is an imperative.

RA-LIN assumes responsibility for the implementation of a comprehensive safety plan on every job we are awarded.  We set high corporate standards for the prevention of accidents and the implementation of safe working practices.  And we recognize our responsibility to provide a safe working environment free from all recognized hazards.

We are convinced that a successful safety program requires a specific plan and a method for obtaining the cooperation of everyone on the job, from corporate management to the newest worksite apprentice.  Success depends on four essential elements:  management leadership, safe working conditions, safe working practices, and the cooperation of employees and subcontractors.


Our mission is to ensure the safety and health of employees, site visitors, and subcontractors by setting and enforcing company standards, providing the necessary training and education to achieve excellent safety performance and encouraging continual improvement of jobsite safety.  Our goal is zero accidents and zero injuries.

RA-LIN superintendents conduct regular on-site safety meetings in which employees and subcontractors are reminded and charged to work in a safe manner.  Each job is visited periodically by members of our corporate safety staff to ensure compliance with safety requirements and to assist in educating field workers about safety procedures.  RA-LIN also provides classes in safety training and problem recognition for supervisory personnel.


The following Safety Training Policy applies to all company field supervision, project management, and safety personnel.  Any additional training required by the jobsite conditions will be provided. But at a minimum:

  • All RA-LIN superintendents have:  OSHA 30, CPR/First Aid, Safety Operation Training on Earth Moving Equipment, and NDPES Level 1A training. The majority also have Scaffolding Training, Fall Protection, Mold Training, Trenching and Excavation—all outside of the 30 Hour Class.
  • All project management personnel have:  OSHA 30, NPDES Level 1 A, and CPR/First Aid.
  • All foremen have:  OSHA 30, CPR/First Aid, Safety Operation Training on Earth Moving Equipment, and NDPES Level 1A training. The majority also have Scaffolding.
  • Training, Fall Protection, Aerial Lift, Forklift, Trenching and Excavation—all outside of the 30 Hour Class.

Each subcontractor on a RA-LIN job must require that each subcontractor supervisor and/or safety person attend the following training classes at a minimum:

  • OSHA 10-hr Construction Safety Class
  • First Aid / CPR
  • Competent Person training related to trade
  • MSDS books and Site Specific Safety Programs must be provided
  • Proof of such training must be available at the jobsite at all times
  • Any other training needed for the specific scope of work



Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) Program

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