About Us


Design Professionals

RA-LIN management makes it a point to maintain excellent relationships with architects and engineers alike. We encourage a focus on bringing value to the project early in the design stage. We support a creative, organized effort which analyzes a project for the purpose of maintaining desired aesthetics, lowering total costs, achieving efficiency and providing quality. We believe that through experienced, multi-disciplinary teams, value and economy can often be improved by exploring alternative concepts, materials, and methods without compromising the functional and value objectives of building owners or our partners.


When our subcontractors are enthusiastic and view their work as rewarding, they invariably produce better quality work and safer job sites. Our subcontractors appreciate on-time payment and forthright dealings and that’s exactly what RA-LIN gives them. We be sure that they are familiar with the job by walking the job site and talking with them regularly. By having a hands-on approach to working with our subcontractors, we know who is doing well and who is not and can fix problems before they become an issue. We provide guidance and training in the safety, logistics, and construction process. In the end, our goal is to have everyone associated with your project point to their work with pride and remember the experience with fulfilment.



At RA-LIN we subscribe to the idea that a rising tide lifts all boats. Strength and growth among local small disadvantaged business enterprises and women and minority owned businesses benefit our entire economy. To that end, we provide mentoring, educational, and personnel assistance. We also are commited to working with these partners to increase the size, scope and scale of their operations wherever we can. We actively seek out the services of subcontractors of this type who sincerely want to expand their businesses and offer quality services at market competitive costs.